Dr. med. Karin Braunschweiler

Emergency doctor, member of FMH


German, French, English


since 2006 In-patient anaesthesiologist, Privatklinik Obach
since 2005 Self-employed in association with Revitae
2004 Further training in pain medicine under Dr H Keller, Muttenz/Rheinfelden
2003–2004 Consultant, Hirslanden, Klinik am Rosenberg, Heiden
1998–2003 Consultant, Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich
1998 Consultant anaesthesiologist, Bülach District Hospital
1997 Pain medicine in Nottwil under Dr CP Naumann
1997 FMH anaesthesiology membership
1996–1998 Anaesthesiologist, Winterthur Canton Hospital under Dr HP Keller, 2 months thereof as surgeon on intensive care ward, plus shifts as emergency doctor
1995–1996 Anaesthesiologist, Baden Canton Hospital under Dr HR Brunner, 3 months thereof as surgeon on intensive care ward and 3 months as pain specialist
1994–1995 Internal medicine, Wetzikon Hospital under Dr B Gurtner, 3 months thereof on intensive care ward (surgical and medical)
1994 Training in emergency medicine
1992 Doctorate, thesis on sudden infant death syndrome
1991–1993 Anaesthesiology at Zurich University Hospital under Prof T Pasch, 3 months thereof with air ambulance and burns unit in intensive care


Privatklinik Obach


Leopoldstrasse 5
4500 Solothurn

T +41 32 626 23 25 F +41 32 626 23 33 k.bra@gmx.ch

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