Dr. med. Karin Braunschweiler


Emergency doctor, member of FMH


since 2006 In-patient anaesthesiologist, Privatklinik Obach
since 2005 Self-employed in association with Revitae
2004 Further training in pain medicine under Dr H Keller, Muttenz/Rheinfelden
2003-2004 Consultant, Hirslanden, Klinik am Rosenberg, Heiden
1998-2003 Consultant, Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich
1998 Consultant anaesthesiologist, Bülach District Hospital
1997 Pain medicine in Nottwil under Dr CP Naumann
1997 FMH anaesthesiology membership
1996-1998 Anaesthesiologist, Winterthur Canton Hospital under Dr HP Keller, 2 months thereof as surgeon on intensive care ward, plus shifts as emergency doctor
1995-1996 Anaesthesiologist, Baden Canton Hospital under Dr HR Brunner, 3 months thereof as surgeon on intensive care ward and 3 months as pain specialist
1994-1995 Internal medicine, Wetzikon Hospital under Dr B Gurtner, 3 months thereof on intensive care ward (surgical and medical)
1994 Training in emergency medicine
1992 Doctorate, thesis on sudden infant death syndrome
1991-1993 Anaesthesiology at Zurich University Hospital under Prof T Pasch, 3 months thereof with air ambulance and burns unit in intensive care


German, French, English


Leopoldstrasse 5
4500 Solothurn

T +41 32 626 23 25 F +41 32 626 23 33 k.bra@gmx.ch

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