Dr. med. Martin Leimgruber


Work experience

since 2012 Runs independent specialist practice within Solothurn Surgical Centre offering outpatient surgery in in-house operating theatres and day hospital
since 2012 Attending physician at Privatklinik Obach in Solothurn
2011 SALTC advanced certificate in laparoscopic surgery
2006-2012 Consultant/senior physician in visceral, vascular and thoracic surgery clinic at Solothurn Public Hospital (under Dr JP Barras)
2005 FMH specialty certification in surgery
2004-2005 Assistant physician and consultant in visceral, vascular and thoracic surgery clinic at Fribourg Canton Hospital (under Prof. L Krähenbühl
2002-2004 General practitioner at group practice in Bern
1999-2002 Medical director for Assongha Health District, Chad
1998 Medical assistant and locum at internal medicine practice in Thun


1998 FMH specialty certification in general internal medicine
1996-1997 Assistant physician in internal medicine at Tiefenau Hospital in Bern (under Prof. HR Baur)
1996 Diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
1995 Assistant physician in paediatrics/paediatric surgery at Wildermeth Children's Hospital in Biel (under Prof. R Zurbrügg and Dr J Ehrensperger)
1993-1994 Assistant physician in surgery and orthopaedics at Tiefenau Hospital in Bern (under Prof. F Nöthiger and Medical Director HU Stäubli)
1992 Assistant physician in internal medicine at Rüti District Hospital, Zurich (under Dr Frei)
1991 Visiting physician at Pintung Hospital, Taiwan
1990 Cross-cultural studies in Pasadena, USA
1988-1989 Assistant physician in surgery at Langnau im Emmental District Hospital (under Dr P Kägi)
1988 Doctorate from Faculty of Medicine at University of Bern
1981-1987 Studied at Faculties of Medicine in Fribourg and Bern

Portrait Dr. med. Martin  Leimgruber


German, English, French


Zuchwilerstrasse 43
4500 Solothurn

T +41 32 625 38 38 F +41 32 625 38 35 m.leimgruber@hin.ch
Chirurgie Zentrum Solothurn

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