Dr. med. Peter Hänni


FMH specialty certification in ear, nose and throat conditions, sub-specialty in surgery to the face and neck

Work experience

since 2008 ENT assessor at GUSTO (Solothurn assessment centre for interdisciplinary assessments)
since 2002 Fiduciary doctor at SVK-FSA (adjunct)
since 1996 Private practice for ENT conditions and throat-and-facial surgery in Solothurn
1996-2002 External senior doctor at ENT clinic at Solothurn Public Hospital


2010 SIM (Swiss Insurance Medicine) Medical Assessor Certificate
2004 “SGV-FSA fiduciary doctor” licence from FMH
2000-2002 Postgraduate studies as a Medical Manager
1995 FMH additional certification as a specialist throat-and-facial surgeon
1993-1996 St. Gallen Canton Hospital under Prof Grossenbacher (as a consultant from 1994)
1993 FMH specialty certification for ear, nose and throat disorders
1992-1993 Maxillary surgery at Inselspital Bern under Prof. Raveh
1991-1992 Solothurn Public Hospital under Dr Greusing
1990-1996 ENT/throat-and-facial surgery
1990-1991 Inselspital Bern under Prof. Neiger and Prof. Häusler
1988-1989 General Surgery at Thun Regional Hospital
1987-1988 General Surgery at Klinik Permanence Bern West
1987 Doctorate at the University of Bern
1980-1986 Medical degree and federal exam at the University of Bern


SIM: Swiss Insurance Medicine
SGV: Swiss society of fiduciary and insurance doctors
SBV: Swiss association of in-patient doctors
SAKM: Swiss consortium for maxillary surgery and oral conditions
GAeSO: Society of doctors in the Solothurn Canton
SGORL: Swiss otorhinolaryngology society
FMH: Federation of Swiss doctors
SGORL: Swiss otorhinolaryngology society


German, French, English, Italian


Bielstrasse 18
4500 Solothurn

T +41 32 623 79 23 F +41 32 623 79 31 peter.haenni@hin.ch

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