Dr. med. Peter Hänni


FMH specialty certification in ear, nose and throat conditions, sub-specialty in surgery to the face and neck


German, French, English, Italian

Work experience

since 2008 ENT assessor at GUSTO (Solothurn assessment centre for interdisciplinary assessments)
since 2002 Fiduciary doctor at SVK-FSA (adjunct)
since 1996 Private practice for ENT conditions and throat-and-facial surgery in Solothurn
1996-2002 External senior doctor at ENT clinic at Solothurn Public Hospital


2010 SIM (Swiss Insurance Medicine) Medical Assessor Certificate
2004 “SGV-FSA fiduciary doctor” licence from FMH
2000-2002 Postgraduate studies as a Medical Manager
1995 FMH additional certification as a specialist throat-and-facial surgeon
1993-1996 St. Gallen Canton Hospital under Prof Grossenbacher (as a consultant from 1994)
1993 FMH specialty certification for ear, nose and throat disorders
1992-1993 Maxillary surgery at Inselspital Bern under Prof. Raveh
1991-1992 Solothurn Public Hospital under Dr Greusing
1990-1996 ENT/throat-and-facial surgery
1990-1991 Inselspital Bern under Prof. Neiger and Prof. Häusler
1988-1989 General Surgery at Thun Regional Hospital
1987-1988 General Surgery at Klinik Permanence Bern West
1987 Doctorate at the University of Bern
1980-1986 Medical degree and federal exam at the University of Bern


SIM: Swiss Insurance Medicine
SGV: Swiss society of fiduciary and insurance doctors
SBV: Swiss association of in-patient doctors
SAKM: Swiss consortium for maxillary surgery and oral conditions
GAeSO: Society of doctors in the Solothurn Canton
SGORL: Swiss otorhinolaryngology society
FMH: Federation of Swiss doctors
SGORL: Swiss otorhinolaryngology society