Practical information

Information desk

The information desk in the entrance hall is our operational hub where everything comes together. The staff there can help if you need anything (extension number: 111).



When preparing for a general anaesthetic, it is important that you bring with you all of your current medicines. Please also bring with you any useful documents you may have, such as an allergy information card, results of lab tests, X-rays and ECGs. Please read the enclosed information booklet on general anaesthetics carefully. In the 24 hours following a general anaesthetic, you may not drive, operate machinery or sign any legal documents.



Our nurses will be familiar with your procedure and the potential aftereffects. Following your operation, you will learn about what to expect going forward (specific body care routines, storage, pain medication, any aids, etc.)



In our experience, complications are rare. However, if you do experience any complications or issues related to your operation after you have been discharged, please contact your treating physician.