We are capable

Our work should meet the highest standards. We maintain our performance as an institution by implementing quality assurance, continuous professional development and cost control. We view the future as a challenge to be tackled with courage and dynamism. We are open to change.
We strive to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and excellent infrastructure. We take our responsibilities seriously in our professional relationships and our staff always seek to think and act conscientiously.


We are human beings

This is a private medical provider with a proud heritage. We are small enough to create a familiar environment and many people feel connected to our facility because they or their children were born here.
Patients, family members, visitors and staff feel at home with us.
We take our patients seriously and ensure they know they are in safe hands. We respect patients’ needs and avoid telling them what they ‘have to’ do. We don't hurry our patients. We make the time they need.